Name   Jeff Holman

Designation   General Counsel & Corporate Secretary

Company     HZO

Country    USA

Jeff Holman has a broad background that spans law, engineering, and business. He deploys strategic business initiatives that create enterprise value and establish operational efficiencies. Mr. Holman earned his bachelor of science in electrical engineering and juris doctor (JD) from the University of Utah and a master in business administration (MBA) from Brigham Young University. He has practiced patent and intellectual property law in Silicon Valley, built and managed a law firm focused on IP transactions, helped “Shark Tank” inventors with legal and business strategy, and served as general counsel for the leading innovator for consumer electronics waterproofing technology–where he managed engagements with two Fortune 10 customers, provided key legal oversight related to $170 million in equity and debt funding, and oversees global IP strategy. Additionally, Mr. Holman is working with a development team at Intellectual Strategies to launch the first SAAS platform dedicated to IP strategy.