Name   Marcello Dini

Designation     Manager Director of Sisvel Hong Kong

Company     Sisvel Group

Country    Hong Kong

Marcello Dini is the Asset Manager of the Sisvel Group. He began his career as a trainee patent attorney at Metroconsult, an Industrial and Intellectual Property consultancy firm, where he gained an extensive expertise in patent management and intellectual property.


Mr. Dini joined Sisvel in 2004 and was heavily involved in the licensing of the MPEG Audio program. He was then tasked with the search and development of new programs and later responsible for the licensing of the DVB-T program.


Mr. Dini also operated as deputy Licensing Manager at the Hong Kong Sisvel subsidiary as second-in-command for the licensing operation in the Asia and Pacific. Having gained great exposure in Europe and Asia, Mr. Dini further developed his career as General Manager of Sisvel Hong Kong and as the licensing manager of the 3G joint licensing program.


Mr. Dini recent change of position is now focused on corporate strategy and oversight of Sisvel’s own portfolio of patents.